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The oral and maxillofacial surgery: a speciality for dental surgeons.

The non-specialized dentists can make all the dental surgery. However when they are complex, they prefer them to refer to a dentist specialized in oral and maxillofacial surgery. To the Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal, two dentists in maxillofacial surgery collaborate with the non-specialized dentists.

These two specialists followed following their Doctorate of dental medicine a many years’ complementary training allowing them to realize the surgeries of teeth, bones and muscles, jaws and face. Experts in their domain, they will take time to understand your concerns and will always intervene softly and dexterity.

Ideal conditions for successful maxillofacial surgeries

In the Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal, we gathered the conditions so that your maxillofacial surgeries take place in the best conditions. Our solid infrastructure and the wealth of our human resources allow us to offer you services whom you will find with difficulty somewhere else.

An organization thought for more effective maxillofacial treatments in surgery.

From its creation, our private hospital was thought as a hospital of dental medicine. The maxillofacial surgery and almost all other dental specialities are represented to it so allowing a better efficiency in the progress of the care.

When you will meet a dentist of our dental center, this one will examine you and will determine your needs. He will manage you, if need be, towards one of our specialists, for example a dentist in maxillofacial surgery, so that you benefited from his expertise. Some are your needs in the dental domain, our team of dentists and specialists will answer it.

You will not have to move in different clinical in functions of the stages of your treatment. Communication between professionals will be facilitated and will be us your only interlocutor.

Solutions for maxillofacial surgeries calmly.

When you will meet our dentists in oral and maxillofacial surgery you will quickly understand that their objective is to understand well your needs and your expectations to look after you better. They will take time during your appointments to answer all your concerns. If, before or after your maxillofacial surgery, questions or concerns persist, you have the guarantee to be able to join us under 24 hours thanks to our schedules spread in evenings, the ends of the week and the holidays.

Always in the objective to look after you in a quiet and soothing climate, our dentists can propose you the realization of your maxillofacial surgery under general anesthesia or under aware (conscious) sedation.

Technologies in the service of your maxillofacial surgery

The domain medical and particularly that of the dentistry evolves very fast. For more than 13 years, a structure as our is capable of investing (surrounding) in advanced technologies to support his (her) dentists in their daily practice.

Our 3D radiographic device and the digital radiographies allow our dentists in maxillofacial surgery to analyze the various elements of your mouth (bones, teeth, nerves). This preliminary preparation allows them to anticipate the progress of your surgery and so to be more effective. The intervention will then be faster and the much less intense post-surgical pains.

A wide range of care in maxillofacial surgery

Our two specialists in maxillofacial surgery can intervene for various types of treatments:
· Extraction of teeth and in particular wisdom teeth.
· Pose of dental implants
· Transplants of bone
· Rise of sine
· Biopsy
· Apectomie

Because we think that the price should not slow down the access to the maxillofacial surgeries.

The price of a maxillofacial surgery varies according to his (her) type and becomes integrated generally into a plan of more global treatment. It is thus difficult to quote a fixed fixed price.

However, in the Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal, our priority is to offer you a quality of irreproachable care exactly price. Then do not hesitate to meet our dentists in maxillofacial surgery who in association with our coordinator of treatment will propose you several solutions adapted to your situation, quite accompanied by a submission. You can so make a lit choice which respects your physical and personal limits.

A complementary solution can be to envisage a financial plan. For it hesitate to inquire with our coordinator of treatment.

Furthermore, do not forget to consider that the dental fees are eligible to tax credits. Thus their cost price is lesser.

Our surgeons do not neglect your safety then your maxillofacial surgery.

Safety and infertility are inseparable terms in our business. We can concentrate our efforts on the quality of our care and our welcome but it’s useless if we do not take into account your security.

That is why our protocol of sterilization answers the highest standards of safety. All the instruments, after every treatment, follow a precise circuit in our “stéricentre”. A dental assistant responsible for the sterilization dedicates its time only to this spot. Our devices of sterilization are regularly tested to verify their efficiency.

After every treatment, the single-use material (gloves, masks, surgical suctions, cotton compresses, cannula of inhalation …) is thrown and rooms are disinfected by our dental assistants.
Worried about the quality of the water, we use in our stéricentre as in our chairs of the filtered water. A system of membranes allows to free the tap water of sediments, products chemical (pesticides, chlorine), metals (Lead), pharmaceutical products and bacteria.

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