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3D radiology for distinct treatments.

Our dental center remains on the lookout for the latest technological advances that could help our dentists treat you better. Our solid infrastructure allows us to renew and invest each year in new equipment and position ourselves as avant-gardism in our field. For example, Carrefour Dentaire de Montreal was one of the first dental clinics to own a Panorex 3D.

A 3D radio, for what use?

With this radio3D device, our dentists get a panoramic 3-dimensional radiography of your entire mouth. This imaging system provides them with essential information about its anatomy, for example, the structure of the bones and the location of the nervous canals.

With this information, the diagnosis of your pathology is faster and more relevant. The dentist can better plan your treatment which will, therefore, be more accurate and adapted.

Thanks to effective treatments, your discomfort will be reduced!

And the other techniques and technologies?

At Carrefour Dentaire de Montreal, we have other devices that allow us to offer you excellent care.

  • All our channel treatments are done under a microscope. This device brings precision that allows us to achieve excellent results.
  • All X-rays we take are digital. This type of radio, compared to conventional film-based radiographs, is more precise, facilitates archiving, allows better preservation and will greatly reduce your exposure to radiation.
  • Intraoral cameras allow you to visualize the inside of your mouth. With this device you will be able to better understand certain pathologies. The image will validate what your dentist is saying and will establish a relationship of trust.

A thoughtful practice for successful care!

Our dentists use new techniques every day to make their care the best.

At the Carrefour Dentaire de Montreal, new techniques and technologies are always tested before they’re proposed to you. Our dentists read studies and receive training before using them in their practice.

Their approach is not to get the latest gadget that will sell a treatment. Their ethics prompts them to learn about the novelties and to use them only if they consider them relevant, in other words if they allow them to better treat you!

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