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The Carrefour Dentaire Montreal, a clinic where patients are the priority!

At Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal, we will put all our energy to offer you treatments of the highest quality. Our practice based on respect, efficiency, benevolence and security will always be centered on your needs.

Our dentists will take the time to listen. They will give you clear and reliable information and put their experience at the service of your oral health. A warm and attentive team will accompany you in your care path.

At the Carrefour Dentaire de Montréal, it’s us, you and your smile!

Le Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal, a clinic where we take into account your personal constraints

Our dental clinic, we’ve built it day after day for more than 13 years to meet your concerns.

Many dental specialties under one roof.

By combining the skills of general and specialist dentists in a single location, we can offer you a wide range of treatments.

A 7/7 emergency service throughout the year

Whether you have a toothache on a weekend, during your dentist’s holiday or on other occasions, our dentists will relieve you.

Our extended schedules will also reassure you in case of complex treatments. You will know that it is easy to reach us and meet a dentist quickly. To know our opening hours, click HERE.

Advanced techniques and technologies for effective treatments.

Our solid infrastructure allows us to invest in state-of-the-art equipment that will always be used wisely. For more information about the technologies we have, click HERE.

Our dentists are continuously trained to update their knowledge. These conditions will allow us to offer you treatments of excellence.

Taking into account your financial concerns

In our dental center, the prices of the treatments are based on the rates of the Guide of the Association of the Surgeons Dentists of Quebec.

In all cases, you will be able to discuss openly with your dentist the price of care. It will be possible to find treatments that take into account your financial constraints without neglecting your oral health.

Our treatment coordinator will also be able to accompany you in the constitution of a file of application of financing aid with partner organizations.

A pain management that will make you regain the smile

The experience and skills of our dentists will of course be used as weapons to overcome your fear. Over time and thanks to a bond of trust, your fears will probably disappear.

But how to do it in the meantime?

Our dentists can offer solutions such as conscious sedation or general anesthesia. So that your appointments with the dentist are no longer a source of stress, it will be enough to speak to them.

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