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What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is the area of ​​dentistry that deals with the inside of the tooth. It helps prevent, diagnose and treat diseases of the pulp (nerve) and infections of the bone located around the dental roots.

Why follow endodontic treatments?

When the pulp of your tooth is impaired an endodontic treatment more commonly referred to as root canal therapy is often recommended. This procedure is the best alternative to preserve your natural tooth. If you would like to learn more about channel processing, click HERE.

Get to know our dentist.

After completing specific training, our general dentist has made endodontics services its preferred field. For 20 years, his practice is entirely devoted to the realization of treatments of channels that executes under microscope.

If you would like to learn more about Dr Luc Locas, click HERE.

Why choose our dental clinic for your root canal treatment?

By choosing Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal, you will benefit from the 30 years of experience of Dr. Locas in dentistry and soon 20 years in the realization of endodontic treatments.

Your canal treatment will be carried out under a microscope which will allow a magnification up to 10 times greater than the magnifiers used in general by the dentists. Thanks to better visibility and brightness. For example, he can detect a crack or fracture that is invisible to the naked eye or find hidden channels. Dr. Luc Locas will intervene accurately and efficiently, thus increasing the success rate of your treatment.

The other benefit of performing your root canal treatment in our multidisciplinary clinic is to benefit from the presence of other generalist dentists and specialists. In some cases, this can be very useful. In the event that Dr. Luc Locas observes a peculiarity invisible to the naked eye that requires a change in your treatment plan, he may refer you immediately to another dentist. You will not waste time, a solution adapted to your needs will be proposed to you immediately.

If you would like information or plan an endodontic treatment at Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal, contact us.

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