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For custom dentures, the denturist at Carrefour Dentaire de Montreal is here!

Do you need to have one or more teeth removed? Our denturist can help. Their experience, know-how and meticulousness will allow them to design, manufacture, install and fit custom made prostheses perfectly adapted to your physiognomy. From the initial imprint to the final fit, this professional will accompany you and advise you. The design of your prosthesis will be done without an intermediary. Our denturist will take the time to understand your expectations and concerns for you to make customized prostheses of the highest quality.

Get to know our denturist!

With more than 10 years of experience in denturology, Geneviève Gibeault will satisfy your expectations. Benevolent and meticulous, she will make you high quality custom prostheses.

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A denturology service within a dental clinic has many advantages.

Designed as a dental hospital, Carrefour Dentaire de Montreal brings together virtually all areas of dentistry under one roof. This proximity enables us to combine our skills to provide our patients with excellent care and services.

But what are the benefits for patients who attend our denturology department?

  • Our denturologist offers you 3 months comfort insurance and 5 year breakage insurance (on condition that you come to your annual appointments)
  • Our denturist may seek medical advice from a generalist or specialist dentist and get an immediate response. With this notice, they will make the best choice of treatment.
  • This proximity is satisfying as you will not have to move to an outside dental center to get this opinion.
  • If dental care or dental surgery is required before the installation of your prostheses, you can have them done by our dentists. Communication between our denturist and other professionals will be facilitated. The Carrefour Dentaire de Montreal will be your only contact.
  • Sometimes, to make the choice of a suitable treatment plan, our denturologist needs more accurate information provided by X-rays. However, it is prohibited by the Order of Denturists to take this type of stereotypes. At the Carrefour Dentaire de Montreal, our professional will not dispense of this information to make a choice. They will instruct a hygienist to provide her with the images she needs. You will be assured that all the factors will have been considered to propose a treatment plan perfectly adapted to your oral condition.
  • At Carrefour Dentaire de Montreal you will have the opportunity to have your partial denture maintained at the same time as cleaning your natural teeth. By grouping two visits into one, you will save time.
  • Unlike the “classical” denturology offices, our patients tell us they appreciate the discreet access of our denturology department to our dental center.

Our denturist will follow a precise protocol to offer you high-quality prostheses.

In general, five appointments are necessary for the realization of your prostheses:

  1. During the first appointment, our denturologist will make a measurement in order to build you your ideal smile.
  2. Using the measures taken at the first appointment, a more precise molding of your gums (and your teeth for the partial dentures) will be realized. These will be the final fingerprints.
  3. During your third appointment, our denturologist will take various steps to record the relationship between your jaws and determine the position of future teeth. You will then be able to express your expectations regarding the shape, color and size of the teeth.
  4. You will try your future teeth mounted on models of wax. This step allows you to visualize the final result and make the adjustments according to your expectations. The aesthetics and the interlocking of the teeth will be corrected if necessary, it will be enough to heat the wax. Your collaboration with our denturist will ensure your satisfaction.
  5. Finally, our denturologist will proceed to the mouthing of your prostheses and make the preliminary adjustments.

For your comfort, our denturist ensures a follow-up.

A few days after the prosthesis has been placed in the mouth, your muscles and other oral structures will have adapted to this new configuration. At this point, a check-up appointment will allow you to check and adjust the pressure points with the gum and the contacts between the teeth more precisely. Additional fitting appointments may be required during the adjustment period. In all cases, we advise against adjusting your prostheses yourself. This intervention must be carried out by a professional.

In case of a problem, do not hesitate to contact us. Our denturologist will be pleased to receive you to answer your questions and adjust your prostheses.

Behaviors to avoid when wearing a removable dental prosthesis.

We advise you not to put your dental prosthesis in contact with bleach. This substance, sometimes present in antiseptic solutions, it creates premature usage and discolours it. When you do not wear your prosthesis, for example at night, place it in a water bath (with or without an effervescent tablet), this will avoid bacterial contamination. If you leave it in the open air, it may dry out and lose its characteristics.

If you are a smoker and you are wearing or wanting to wear a prosthesis, the situation is not ideal. Over time, nicotine tends to alter the structure of the prosthesis and cause yellowing of the resin. In any case, over time, your prosthesis will wear out. The morphology of your face, the bone and the gums of your mouth will decrease and will make your prosthesis no longer fit. That’s why we recommend you renew it every 5 years.

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