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In our dental center our patients are our priority!

The Carrefour Dentaire de Montreal of today is the result of a reflects our work done around the health and well-being of our patients.

For over 13 years, our goal is to offer you care and services that exceed your expectations and needs. We put you at the heart of our practice.

So do not hesitate to come and discover our dental center. You will discover an approach and benefits like nowhere else.

The first objective of our dental center: to offer you excellent care!

Thanks to the grouping and collaboration of competent and experienced dentists

In our dental center, the dental grouping from different backgrounds is our strength. Our professionals all have a different curriculum, approach and experiences, which they share with their colleagues. This exchange of knowledge and know-how enables everyone to enrich themselves and improve their practice to offer you care.

This unique approach to dentistry allows us to differentiate ourselves from other dental centers and offer you comprehensive care.

All thanks to the updating of our knowledge.

The healthcare community, and particularly dentistry, is changing rapidly. This is why dentists and hygienists in our dental center are keen to update their knowledge through training.

Some of our dentists teaches to students or partners these novelties.

Thanks to advanced techniques and technologies.

Knowing the progress is important but you have to be able to import them into your practice.

Thanks to the infrastructure of our dental center, this is possible. Every year, we invest in new technologies to enable our dentists to practice their profession in the best conditions and offer you excellent treatments.

Among the technologies we possess you will find digital radiography2D, panoramic 3D radiography, intraoral cameras, microscope and more!

In our dental center quality of service is another of our priorities.

Our primary vocation as a dental center is obviously to provide you with quality care. But that is not enough. We also want to offer you quality of service.

Our objective is to free you from certain constraints so that the follow-up of your treatments is more serene.

Come and discover our dental center, its service offer will facilitate you access to care.

  • Our extended schedules in the evenings, weekends and statutory holidays (we close only on December 25 and January 1) make appointments easy and allow us to be present when needed.
  • In case of emergency, we will arrange an appointment in less than 24h.
  • In our dental center you have the possibility to plan some treatments on Friday evening or the weekend. This way you will avoid a professional absence during the week.
  • We welcome all patients whether you are attended or not by an external dentist at our dental center. We can, if you so desire and upon request, send a report of the care performed to your treating dentist.
  • Almost all dental specialties are grouped in our dental center to avoid crossing the city to visit a specialist.
  • We offer different pain management devices. To benefit from it, just talk to one of our dentists who will be able to propose the solution best suited to your case. Visit our “Treatment Under Anesthesia” page to learn more about our pain management policy.
  • Because your oral health is our priority, we do not want you to drop treatments because of their costs. That’s why we offer solutions such as financing plan.
  • Our thoughtful premises make our dental center a warm, luminous and safe place where you will feel at ease. Because images are worth more than words, follow a virtual tour of our dental center.
  • Our welcoming and caring team has only one goal is to make your experience in our dental center a pleasant one.
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