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This site is for the customers and the employees of dental Carrefour of Montreal. The information can be changed or modified without advance notice. Dental Carrefour of Montreal. Can also improve and/or change products and/or programs described on the site without advance notice.

This site can contain certain notices of property rights and the information of exclusive rights, which terms must be observed and respected. The information about this site can contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.

Dental Carrefour of Montreal. Does not want to receive from the confidential information or from the industrial property by this site. Please note that any material and information sent to dental Carrefour of Montreal. Will be considered NON-CONFIDENTIAL. By sending of the information or the material, you give to dental Carrefour of Montreal. The free access, the right of use without limitation, to reproduce, to show, of performance artist, to modify, to pass on and to distribute this information and material and you also accept that dental Carrefour of Montreal. Use the ideas, the concepts, knowledge or the techniques which you send. However, we shall neither reveal nor shall publish your name concerning the material or the information subjected, unless: a) We obtained your authorization to use your name; or (b) that we inform you that the information and the material supplied in a particular place of this site will be published; or (c) that the law obliges him to us.

The availability of the global information published by dental Carrefour of Montreal. On the internet network can contain references to products, programs and services dental Carrefour of Montreal. Which are not announced or do not available in your country. Consult your local office dental Carrefour of Montreal. For the information concerning products, programs and available services.

The obligations of dental Carrefour of Montreal ., while respecting its products and services, are only governed by the agreements under whom they result. If you obtain a product or a service of dental Carrefour of Montreal. Of this site without agreement, this product or service is supplied “AS IT STANDS” without any expressed or suggested guarantee and your use of this product or service is for your risks.

The use of brand names, logos or any material appearing on the site is forbidden, on the condition of obtaining the written authorization of the dental Carrefour of Montreal.

Business relationships: dental Carrefour of Montreal makes no representation of the other sites, which can be reached by this one. When you reach a site dental not Carrefour of Montreal as well as a site containing the logo dental Carrefour of Montreal, please know that it is independent from dental Carrefour of Montreal and that dental Carrefour of Montreal has no control over the contents of this site. Furthermore, a link in a site dental not Carrefour of Montreal does not mean that dental Carrefour of Montreal assumes or accepts the responsibilities of these contents or the use of such a site. It is of your decision to take the necessary precautions when you choose to select it to avoid all the types of virus who can damage the systems and other items of destructive nature. On no account dental Carrefour of Montreal will be responsible for direct, indirect, special or consequent damage caused by this site or other links including, without limit, loss of profit, business interruption, losses of programs or other data of your system, even if you are informed about the possibility of such damage.

Politics of confidentiality of the dental Carrefour of Montreal

In accordance with the Canadian law on the confidentiality promulgated on January 1st, 2004, the dental Carrefour of Montreal owes share this information. This law, entitled ” Law on the protection of the personal information and the electronic documents ” ( LPRPDE) requires that any private company adheres to 10 principles of management of the fair information for the use, the collection and the disclosure of ” personal information ” during a transaction commercial. As customer or patient, you made for us confidence by sharing with us your information staffs such as your name legal, sends, phone number and in certain cases, your information medical. To serve you better, this information is archived in your file and is only Used by our doctors, dentists, managers and partners.

The dental Carrefour of Montreal is indebted and responsible for any information collected within the framework of his professional activities. We limit the collection, the use and the disclosure in the measure necessary for the conduct of the business and to offer a continuous duty.

The dental Carrefour of Montreal collects, uses and reveals personal information only in the following purposes:

1. Offer you and supply services of dentistry and related services.
2. Establish and maintain the contact with you.
3. The compilation of the statistics.
4. Conform to the law.

Your gratitude and the consent of the collection, the use and the disclosure of your personal information are important for us. By the following actions, you indicate your consent to The dental Carrefour of Montreal to the use of your personal information:

1. Share voluntarily your personal information with The dental Carrefour of Montreal by means of one of our representatives.

2. Your consent requested by The dental Carrefour of Montreal in a precise purpose.

3. Your consent given by your authorized representative, like a legal guardian or the holder of a mandate.

The dental Carrefour of Montreal will collect, will use or will reveal personal information which are necessary for the purposes determined or required by the law. The dental Carrefour of Montreal will collect information by legal and fair ways. The dental Carrefour of Montreal limits the collection of data to the information which is reasonable and necessary to maintain a relation with you. We shall keep the personal information as long as necessary for the realization of the determined purposes. The dental Carrefour of Montreal makes sure that the personal information is exact and so complete as possible. We watch that a person can examine and update its personal information for the reasonable deadline.

To improve our service, and its suppliers, including Google, can use files witnesses to spread announcements according to the previous visits of the Internet users on These files witnesses can also serve to re-target the Internet users outside of the site of to spread them targeted advertisements based on their on-line behavior on the site of The user of the can deactivate the use of files witnesses any time by modifying the preferences of his sailor and can deactivate the use of files witnesses by a third supplier on the page of deactivation of Network Advertising Initiative. The site Carrefourdentaire

The dental Carrefour of Montreal stays up the personal information collected by using security measures to prevent the unauthorized access, the collection and the use. Security measures vary according to the environment where is the information.

The dental Carrefour of Montreal shares the politics and the procedures used to protect your personal information. The dental Carrefour of Montreal indicated a person in charge of the confidentiality who is responsible for keeping The dental Carrefour of Montreal in accordance with this politics of confidentiality.

If you have questions, comments, concerns or request concerning our politics of confidentiality, please contact us in:

Dental Carrefour of Montreal
ATT: person in charge of the confidentiality
1101, Belanger est
Montreal, Quebec
H2S 1H6

You can also contact us by email at :

What the personal information?

The expression “personal information” includes a variety of data. The personal information is information which could be used to identify a specific individual. Here are some examples: name, address, sex, age, situation station wagon, number of social insurance and other personal identification numbers.

Do you share my personal information with other companies?

No, we do not share your personal information.

How do you protect my personal information?

We use a variety of security measures such as the access restriction to the employees, by means of the locked files, of the locked rooms and the alarms of security. For the electronic data, we use passwords, the encryption and the firewalls.

Have I the choice in the way you use my personal information?

You can choose to withdraw from our programs of reminder and direct marketing from us by mail, e-mail or telephone.

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