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Sudden pain in contact with hot and cold? It may be a tooth decay.

Tooth decays is the most familiar dental disease and is, in the collective unconscious, uncontrollable. Yet, treated early enough, it can be stopped. On the other hand, if it is allowed to evolve, it progresses and damages your tooth. The consequences can be irreversible. So, if you have a decay or think it is, we advise you not to wait and consult one of our dentists. They can help you prevent dental decays, block their development and treat their complications if necessary. For a regular or emergency appointment, Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal welcomes you in a calm and soothing environment and guarantees an appointment very quickly.

Let us deal and treat today so you won’t hurt tomorrow.

Our experience points out that the first cause of emergency consultation is the treatment of advanced dental caries. Fear of going to the dentist, an overloaded agenda or the fear of a significant expense can make you go over your pain until the day when the pain is unbearable. When that day comes, you can count on us. With our extended schedules, opening weekends and dentists specially present to manage the emergencies, we assure you an appointment in less than 24h. However an emergency consultation is not the ideal situation. It is best to meet a professional before the situation deteriorates. You will avoid the costs associated with elaborate treatments and the pain. So, to prevent your dental decays, a professional cleaning and a regular full exam are the solution. By investing in your oral health, You will go out of it a winner!

Understanding what is a tooth decay to better treat and prevent

Dental decays is an infectious disease of bacterial origin. The bacteria present in your mouth will “feed off” food residues and produce acid that attacks your teeth. The decay evolves by digging a hole in your tooth. It first attacks the first layer, the enamel. At this point you do not feel pain. If a dentist treats your cavity, its evolution is stopped. Without treatment, the situation deteriorates: the dentin is attacked. At this point, you experience pain in the warm, cold, sweet and acid. At the next stage the decay reaches the pulp which contains the nerves. The pain intensifies: we are speaking of a toothache. If infection is not controlled, bacteria develop around the tooth, gums, bones and / or ligaments. An abscess forms. It can be painful and cause your gums to swell.

Treatment of your dental decays

At the Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal, our dentist will take the time to listen to you describing your symptoms. Then they will examine you and visualize, if necessary using X-rays, the decays. As a result of this analysis, the dentists will give you multiple situations before you are treated. In all cases, the treatments will be adapted to the stage of evolution of your decays. It may be enough just to scratch the tooth to remove the infected part. If pulp is affected, a root canal treatment will be required. In the case of an abscess in the gums, periodontal treatment will be necessary.

It is possible to end dental decays!

Dental decays is not inevitable. It is possible to avoid it by adopting specific behaviors in your daily life.

  • Have a good dental hygiene to eliminate plaque: brush your teeth 2 to 3 times a day and floss each evening. Do not hesitate to ask our professional to advise you on the toothbrush that best suits your needs.
  • Limit the consumption of sugars and acidic foods like sodas because the bacteria turn these sugars into acids that attack the teeth.
  • Avoid snacking or nibbling on sweet foods after brushing your teeth
  • Do not weaken the enamel of your teeth by using a toothbrush with bristles that are too hard and avoid shocks especially when practicing a sport. A mouth guard can help.

Strengthen tooth enamel using fluoride-based toothpaste with the Canadian and / or American Dental Associations label.


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