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A mouth guard can save you a lot of worries!

The projection of a high-speed object, a bicycle fall or an elbow stroke happens very quickly and do not always spare your face. In such situations, the mouth guard can play a very important role in limiting trauma. Our emergency services offered by general dentists accustomed to caring for injured athletes can only encourage you to wear this type of device. So do not hesitate to contact us. One of them will be able to design an oral protector perfectly adapted to your teeth. Thanks to optimal protection of your teeth, you will enjoy your sporting activities in all serenity!

Buccal protection: shock absorber

The mouth guard is a removable device that fits the teeth of the upper jaw. Its purpose is to absorb shocks and protect the jaws, teeth, gums, tongue and lips. When physical activities such as weightlifting lead to intense clamping of the jaws, you may over time see cracking your teeth. In this case, protection is also recommended. Oral protectors also reduce the risk of concussion.

An over the counter mouthgard or one from our dentist?

Do not skimp on the quality of the device you choose. Not all mouth guards are equal. The manufacture of those you find at the store are standardized as opposed to those designed by our dentists. Their shape and size do not fit perfectly with your teeth.

The mouth guard you get in our dental clinic will be made from a molding of your teeth. As a result, its curve, its size and its shape will be the same as those of your teeth and your jaw. Depending on the sport you practice, our dentist may decide to strengthen some parts. Made to measure, this buccal protector will be more pleasant to wear. It will hold better and will not bother you to swallow, talk and breathe. In the event of a fall or a shock, the risk that it will move will be reduced. Protecting your teeth will be better. This type of custom protector is ideal if you wear an orthodontic device since it will follow the morphology of your teeth and pins perfectly. This result will be impossible with a commercial mouth guard.

In our dental center, you will be able to customize your device to the colors of your favorite team. It is true that a made-to-measure mouth guard is more expensive than the one you buy in the trade. But is it better to invest today in protecting your teeth to avoid more expensive emergency treatments? If you want to know more about our offer, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

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