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Are you suffering from dental hypersensitivity? Are your gums recession? A gum graft might be the solution to your problems.

When we talk of dental hygiene and treatments at the dentist, we think of the teeth. The gingiva is very frequently neglected. Yet it is an essential part of our oral health. It protects our teeth and the bones in which they are anchored.

Sometimes this gingiva weakens, shrinks and causes disorders such as bleeding, dental hypersensitivity, shrinkage and loss of one or more teeth.

With a gum graft, it is possible to diminish or even eliminate these symptoms. The graft will strengthen the gum and stop its regression.

At the Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal, our dentists will be able to treat your gum problems and will, if need be, direct you to our periodontist, specialist in periodontal (gum) diseases.

Why choose Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal for your gum grafts?

The philosophy of our dental center is to offer you the best gum treatments at the right price. Our experienced dentists, and especially our periodontist, keep their knowledge up to date. They use in their practice the technologies and techniques best suited to your case. Our goal is to offer you a service of excellence adapted to your constraints and your needs.

In our dental clinic you will have:

§  A team of general dentists and a periodontist, all under one roof, all experienced in gingival treatments. This proximity will avoid you having to visit different clinics depending on the stages of your treatment and will facilitate communication between professionals. Your only contact will be Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal.

§  The opportunity, thanks to the use of the latest scientific advances, to realize your gum grafts with a minimum of post-operative discomfort.

§  The possibility to carry out your treatments, and in particular your gum grafts, with experienced professionals, in a healthy and safe environment. And for even more serenity, you can benefit from interventions under sedation.

§  A 3D scanner that will allow our dentists to thoroughly examine the anatomy of your mouth. You will not have to travel to a specialized clinic to get this vital medical imagery. Link to Radio 3D page.

§  The guarantee of using the highest quality materials for your gum grafts and other treatments.

§  The guarantee, if you have any questions or concerns, to be able to reach us within 24 hours thanks to our extended schedules in the evening and the weekend.

Why consider a gum transplant?

When your gum retracts and reveals the roots of your teeth, your oral health is undermined:

  • your teeth are more prone to cavities.
  • the exposed roots are sensitive to heat and cold. This is called dental hypersensitivity. For more information on dental sensitivity.
  • the underlying bone is no longer protected by the gingiva, and it becomes fragile and gradually regresses. The teeth that were supported by this bone begin to move and eventually fall.
  • The appearance of the roots gives the impression that the teeth are longer and modifies the aesthetics of the smile.

For all these problems, gum grafting may be the solution.

Thanks to this procedure, your gum can regain height and thickness. Once reinforced its regression will be stopped. Your teeth will be protected and you will find yourself smiling again.

So, if you have doubts about the condition of your gums, do not hesitate to meet one of our dentists. After an examination, he can advise you on treatments to follow. If the situation requires it, he will refer you to our periodontist who will consider an intervention adapted to your needs, for example a gingival graft. Appointment Form

What factors cause recession of the gums?

There are several causes for this recession:

  • Age. And yes, your gums also age! With time, they are less well irrigated, they become fragile, thinner and finally retracts.
  • Morphological factors (bad position of a tooth, shape of the bone) and hereditary (particularly thin gum) can lead to gum recession.
  • Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) due to plaque/tartar causes its regression. It is possible to avoid it by following certain dental hygiene tips. If you would like to know more about this topic, click HERE
  • The use of an orthodontic device or an improperly adapted prosthesis can cause problems requiring a gingival graft.
  • Certain behaviors can weaken your gums and lead to the need for gum grafting. Excessive brushing with a hard bristle brush, bruxism, intense chewing of chewing gum or nibbling.
  • Tobacco promotes the development of bacteria that cause inflammation and regression of the gums.

What is a Gum Graft?

Gum grafting involves placing a graft where the gingiva retracted. At the Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal, we offer you the possibility of carrying out two types of transplants: autogenous or allogenic transplants.

For the first, the dentist takes the graft at the level of the palate.

For the allogeneic graft, which is the latest innovation in gingival surgery, the graft is prefabricated, taken from a donor and treated to make it sterile. In this case, the postoperative discomfort is virtually non-existent since sensitivity related to the graft removal does not exist.

The success rate is excellent for both techniques. They take place under local anesthesia and do not require a work stoppage.

For more information on this intervention, see our video.

Who will perform your gum transplant?

At the Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal, your gum transplant will be performed by a periodontist who is a dentist specializing in the treatment of tooth-supporting tissues (gums and bones). Our periodontist is experienced, and will realize your gum graft in a gentle and meticulous manner so that you rediscover the smile. To learn more about periodontics and our periodontist Click HERE.

What are the contraindications to a gum grafting?

Contraindications to the gingival transplant are rather rare. In any case, our periodontist will make sure to review your overall medical information.

If you are a smoker, he will discuss with you the risks and success rates associated with tobacco use.

What precautions should be taken after your gingival grafting?

As a result of your surgery, our periodontist will prescribe analgesics and anti-inflammatories to limit discomfort. You can apply ice to reduce swelling. The majority of patients return to work the next day. In any case, our periodontist will take the time to explain all the postoperative precautions to follow.

If you would like more information about gingival grafts, please contact us by Click HERE


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