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One or more teeth are missing, think of dental implants!

To replace one or more missing teeth, different solutions are available. One of them is to use dental implants. Comfortable and natural in appearance, dental implants serve to replace missing roots and to support replacement artificial teeth. The Carrefour Dentaire de Montréal has among its team of specialists in implantology. A periodontist and two dentists in oral and maxillofacial surgery work closely with our dentists to offer you a service of excellence.

Why choose Carrefour Dentaire Montreal to have your dental implants installed?

The philosophy of our dental center is to offer you exellent treatments, personalized and at the right price

In our dental clinic you will have:

  • A team of dentists and specialists (periodontist and maxillofacial surgeons), all under one roof, all experienced in the installation of dental implants. This proximity will avoid you to move in different clinics depending on the stages of your treatment and will facilitate communication between professionals. Your only contact will be Carrefour Dentaire de Montréal.
  • The possibility of carrying out your surgeries and in particular the installation of dental implants in a safe and sedated environment for more serenity.
  • A 3D scanner that will allow our dentists to thoroughly examine the anatomy of your mouth before and after the operation. You will not have to travel to a radiology center to get this vital medical imagery.
  • The guarantee of the use of materials of the highest quality for a better success of treatments.
  • Our prosthodontic department will make your crowns, bridges or other custom prostheses.
  • The guarantee, if you have any questions or concerns, to be able to reach us under 24 hours thanks to our extended schedules in the evening and the weekend.
  • The possibility, as far as possible, to adjust your appointments according to your agenda. We can, for example, schedule your surgery one evening or one weekend. This will prevent you from being absent from your job.

What is the price of a dental implant?

The cost of a treatment with dental implant (s) varies depending on the number of implants, the type of prosthesis placed (crown, bridge, fixed or removable prosthesis) and the need for a bone graft and/or a sinus elevation. Do not hesitate to meet our dentists. In collaboration with our treatment coordinator, they will draw up a treatment plan accompanied by a submission adapted to your constraints and needs. To make an appointment click HERE.

Please note that as dental fees are eligible for tax credits, the actual cost of treatments will be lower. In addition, we can offer you a financing plan. To do this, we invite you to contact our treatment coordinator who will be able to inform you about this. For more information on our financing plans click HERE.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is an artificial root made of titanium. This metal is biocompatible, that is, unlike other metals, it is not rejected by the body. It is also very resistant and biologically inert. The implant is inserted into the jaw to replace the root of a natural tooth. An artificial replacement tooth (crown) is then attached to the implant, which serves as a pillar to hold the tooth in place. In some cases, a dental implant can support several artificial teeth. These are called bridges or prosthesis on implants.

What are the Benefits in Placing Dental Implants?

Compared to other types of prostheses (dentures, pivot crowns or bridges), the prosthesis on a dental implant is more stable and more durable over time. It does not have to be remove to be cleaned and has no adhesion problems like dentures. The prosthesis on dental implant is also very comfortable and has a natural appearance. Because it replaces only one tooth, its installation requires no alteration of the neighboring teeth, unlike the bridge.

What are the steps to follow when implanting an implant?

As a first step, the dentist will carefully examine your teeth and gums. Using a panoramic x-ray and / or scanners, he will study the structure and shape of your jaw and the location of the nerves and sinuses. After this analysis, he will make a diagnosis and submit a treatment plan. He then proceeds to implant the implant. After 4 to 6 months, the time of osseointegration (integration of the implant with the bone), the dentist will place a pillar of healing. The artificial tooth (crown) will be attached to the abutment after about 2 weeks of healing.                 

How to maintain dental implants?

In addition to a specific daily cleaning (brushing with a brush with soft bristles, passage of inter-dental brushes …) professional cleaning and visits 2-3 times a year at the dentist or hygienist are necessary.

Who can receive a dental implant?

If you are healthy, your gums are healthy and the bone base of your jaw is sufficient, dental implants can be indicated. In cases where the quality and quantity of bones are not sufficient, a bone graft or a sinus elevation may be necessary. These interventions will help to recreate the right conditions for the installation of your dental implant which will be a success.

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