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For a damaged, worn or very decayed tooth, the dental crown is the solution!

The crown is the part of your tooth located above the gum. If it is damaged, worn or very decayed, your tooth is fragile and risks fracture. Under these circumstances, it must be protected and strengthened rapidly. The solution is then to cover your natural tooth with an artificial crown that is simply called “crown”. In some cases, the artificial dental crown covers a dental implant. This is called a crown on an implant. If you would like to know more about dental implants, do not hesitate to visit our page.

The benefits of our clinic for the placement of your dental crown

Our dental center atypical in the world of dentistry offers you an approach and benefits that you will find difficult to find elsewhere. Our goal is obviously to offer you dental care excellence, but not only. We want to make your experience at Carrefour Dentaire de Montreal a pleasant one that will make you forget your prejudices about our profession.

In our clinic, you will be our priority and here is what you will find there:

  • Emergency service offered by general dentists, general practitioners and specialists as well as a denturologist, working under one roof, combine their skills to offer you the best care for your dental crown. This proximity will prevent you from moving in different places according to the stages of your treatment and will facilitate the communication between professionals. Your only contact will be Carrefour Dentaire de Montréal. Link to bio page of dentists
  • Schedule appointments that we can adjust, as far as possible, to your schedule. Your care may, for example, be scheduled after your workday. This will prevent you from being absent.
  • The availability of our team will allow us to meet your concerns every day, even evenings and weekends.
  • Technologies (microscope, 3D scanner, digital radiographs and more) that will allow our dentists to provide treatments with better evaluation. You will not have to travel to a specialized clinic to get essential services for certain treatments. Link to Radio 3 page
  • The use of materials of the highest quality for a better success of our treatments.
  • The assurance of obtaining dental crowns from the prosthetist laboratories in Montreal.
  • Commitment to your care by following the highest standards of safety.
  • A reception and the realization of your care in a calm and serene climate thanks to a team and a warm environment.
  • Taking into account your pain and anxiety by proposing you to carry out certain treatments under sedation. Link to page Treatment under anesthesia.

The attractive prices of our dental crowns do not make us renounce the quality

The price of a dental crown varies according to the type of crown chosen. At this price it is necessary to add the one of the preparatory treatments: canal treatment, coronary elongation … It is therefore difficult to give a precise price. It will depend on the personalized treatment plan that will make your dentist. At Carrefour Dentaire de Montreal, our priority is to offer you a quality of care that is impeccable at the right price. So do not hesitate to meet one of our dentists who, in collaboration with our treatment coordinator, will offer you several solutions adapted to your situation, all accompanied by a submission. You will be able to make an informed choice that respects your physical and personal limits.

A complementary solution may be to consider a financing plan. Please do not hesitate to contact our treatment coordinator. Maryse’s address and / or refer to our “Financing” page. We remind you that you can incorporate the dental fees into your tax return. You will be able to benefit from tax credits.

Different dental crowns for different needs

Crowns on natural teeth called more simply “crowns” can be made in various materials. The price, the aesthetics and the type of teeth to be reinforced will make it possible to choose the most suitable manufacturing material.

  • The metal-ceramic crown is particularly strong. Its metal base is covered with ceramic. Sometimes she lets see a net of metal at the gumline if it is fine or shrinks. Our dentists recommend this type of crown for teeth located at the back of the dental arch (molars and premolars).
  • The porcelain crown is more aesthetic. It seems natural. We recommend it for smile teeth, incisors and canines.
  • The zirconium crown allows a very beautiful aesthetic appearance thanks to a clear and translucent color and is extremely solid.
  • The temporary crown is made of acrylic and is manufactured by our dentist. As its name indicates, you will wear it as long as your definitive crown is made.

In any case, our dentist sensitive to the aesthetics of your smile will work with the prosthetist to make your dental crown look natural. Its shape and color will be harmonized with your other teeth.


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