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A permanant bright smile is possible with our teeth whitenening treatments.

Are your teeth stained or too colored? Toothy smile will no longer be a problem if you do a whitening. At Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal we use simple and effective techniques that will give you a smile.

Different whitening treatments for different patients!

In order to offer you the best results, we made the choice to possess different types of teeth whitening. They differ in composition, concentration and technique. Thanks to this variety, our dentists will offer you the most suitable bleaching for your needs.

For an optimum result, lets follow a protocol!

A cleaning will be essential a few weeks before you bleach your teeth. Without tartar or dental plaque, the whitening product will act more effectively on your teeth. The result will be more uniform.

Following this cleaning, one of our dentists will examine you and make sure you are a good candidate for the whitening. This may not be the case if you wear a dental prosthesis (bridge, partial, crown) or a fill in the front of your smile because these elements do not bleach. However, you might decide to have them remade in the new hue as a result of your whitening.

Extend the effect of your teeth whitening.

No whitening will allow you to keep your teeth white for a lifetime. Naturally, over time, your teeth become colored. This phenomenon is reinforced by the consumption of products such as tobacco, wine, coffee, tea and certain medicines. To prolong the effect of your teeth whitening, you can, during your regular appointments in dental hygiene, obtain a mini whitening kit. Thus, after one or two applications, your whitening will be revived. Your teeth will be white for a long time!

Generic teeth whitening or the one offered at our dental center?

We know that the price difference between these two types of whitening is not insignificant but you should know that it is justified for various reasons

  • The security. Oral health professionals surround you during your whitening which is considered an aggressive, traumatic procedure for your teeth. This is why in our clinic, bleaching always occurs after a meeting with a dentist who will be sure that no constraints will prevent you from bleaching your teeth.
  • The quality. We guarantee the use of whitening products of the highest quality to ensure the best results.
  • The effectiveness. Our products are much more concentrated in whitening agent than those you can buy over the counter. Therefore, the results will be better and more sustainable.
  • The durability. After having performed your whitening treatment in our dental clinic, the dentist may decide to offer you a mini whitening kit if necessary to revive the whiteness of your teeth.
  • Customer service. If you have any questions or other needs during or after your treatment, we will do our utmost to respond as best we can.
  • Management of pain in cases of dental hypersensitivity. If during your bleaching you feel hypersensitive, our dentists will be available to give you advice and if you need to prescribe painkillers.

And is it possible to whiten a non-living tooth?

A non-living tooth is a tooth from which the nerve has been removed and becomes greyish with time. Today a new technique allows to bleach only this tooth so that it regains the same shade as that of these neighbors. For this, our dentists inject a whitening product inside the tooth a few days before to remove it. If you want to know more about bleaching a tooth after an endodontic treatment (nerve removal), contact us.

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