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Want to offer yourself or regain a nice smile? Think about the dental veneers!

The shape, color or alignment of your teeth do not match your aesthetic criteria? Think about laying dental veneers. These thin ceramic or resin films covering the visible part of your teeth, usually the incisors and canines and sometimes the premolars, can improve the aesthetics of your smile. At the Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal dentists specialized in cosmetic dentistry can assess your needs and understand your expectations. Feel free to contact them. With dental veneers you will find a nice smile but not only, confidence in yourself and insurance will be your new allies!

The Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal is THE clinic where you can create your dental veneers.

We know that a bright, healthy smile can change a life! Our dentists are all sensitive to dental aesthetics and some are so thoroughly trained that they can offer you a service of excellence in this field. If you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your smile many solutions are available to you and among them, the dental veneers. Our specialized dentists will be able to advise you in your procedures and present you all the possible aesthetic options. You will get the smile of your dreams, for sure!

In addition to providing dentists who are highly skilled in smile aesthetics, our clinic offers you other benefits.

  • A strong team of experienced professionals who collaborate to offer you a complete range of care, all under one roof.
  • A calm, soothing and warm environment that will make your visit to our clinic a pleasant one.
  • The possibility of carrying out your treatments in a safe and sedated environment for more serenity.
  • Techniques and technologies (microscope, 3D scanner, digital radiographs …) that will allow our dentists to provide their care with better expertise. You will not have to travel to a specialized clinic to get essential services for certain treatments.
  • The guarantee of the use of materials of the highest quality for a better success of your treatments.
  • The assurance of obtaining fixed prostheses coming from the best laboratories of dental technicians of Montreal.
  • The guarantee of an easy communication thanks to our extended schedules in the evening and the weekend.
  • Appointment schedules that can be adjusted as much as possible to your agenda, such as scheduling some treatments on Friday evenings or weekends to avoid being absent from work on weekdays.

We believe that the price of dental veneers should not make you give up.

Different categories of dental veneers are distinguished: ceramic, porcelain or resin veneers. Depending on the case, they can be made in the chair by the dentist or in the laboratory by the dental technician. It is therefore difficult to give a price since it varies according to these criteria.

At Carrefour Dentaire of Montreal, our priority is to offer you an impeccable quality of care at the right price. Our dentists in collaboration with our treatment coordinator will offer you several solutions adapted to your situation, all accompanied by a submission. You will be able to make an informed choice that respects your physical and personal limits. A complementary solution may be to consider a financing plan. Please do not hesitate to contact our coordinator.

Also remember to consider that dental fees are eligible for tax credits. Therefore, their price is less.

Are all patients good candidates for dental veneers?

There are situations where the placement of dental veneers is difficult to envisage. If you suffer from bruxism or the thickness of your enamel is too low, this option will be contraindicated. In all cases, a consultation with one of our specialized dentists is necessary. You can explain what you do not like in your smile and describe your expectations. After an examination, he will suggest the options best suited to your needs.

Regular dental hygiene even for your veneers!

Your teeth, gums and veneers are permanently covered with a thin layer of saliva, food residue and bacteria called plaque. Over time this dental plaque turns into tartar. If these two elements are not removed, they can cause tooth and gum disease and cause problems with your facets. Cavities, for example, can touch the teeth that carry your facets and compromise their maintenance in the mouth.

This is why a specific daily cleaning (tooth brushing, dental flossing …), professional cleaning and visits to the dentist and / or the hygienist 2-3 times a year are essential.

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