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For damaged or missing teeth, consider dental prostheses!

Some diseases or trauma can damage your teeth and lead, in some cases, to their extraction. Do not postpone repair or replacement. This can cause significant and sometimes irreversible damage in your mouth. There are now a wide variety of dental prostheses to restore or replace your teeth. At the Carrefour Dentaire de Montreal, our dentists will take the time to evaluate your needs and understand your expectations to propose solutions that will be adapted to your case.

Carrefour Dentaire de Montreal is THE clinic where you can make your dental prostheses.

Discover our dental center. You will find an approach and benefits like no other.

  • You will enjoy the best care at the right price.
  • Emergency dentists, general practitioners, specialists and a denturologist, all under one roof, will share their skills and communicate effectively so that the placement of your dental prosthesis is a success. Our team is made of experts.
  • prosthodontic service can accompany you in your care path, from the development of your treatment plan to the installation of your dental prosthesis. For patients who choose to install removable dentures, a denturology service is offered to you. Our denturist will make your custom dentures and adjust them on the spot.
  • We guarantee the use of materials of the highest quality for a better success of your treatments.
  • The assurance of obtaining fixed prostheses from the best dental laboratories in Montreal.
  • Your pain and anxiety will be taken into account through our pain management devices. To benefit from it, just speak to one of our dentists who will be able to propose to you the solution best adapted to your case. See our “treatment under anesthesia” page for more information.
  • Technologies (microscope, 3D scanner, digital radiographs and others) will allow our dentists to provide their treatments with better expertise. You will not have to travel to a specialized clinic to get essential services for certain treatments.
  • The guarantee of an easy communication thanks to our extended schedules in the evening, the weekend and the holidays.
  • The ability to plan, as far as possible, some care on Friday evenings or even weekends. This way you will avoid a professional absence during the week.
  • A welcome and the realization of your care in a calm and serene climate thanks to a team and a warm environment.

We believe that the price of a dental prosthesis should not make you give up.

The price of a dental prosthesis varies according to its type and the number of teeth to be repaired or replaced. At this price we must add that of the preparatory treatments that can be of different natures: canal treatment, extraction of teeth, implant placement …

At the Carrefour de Dentaire de Montreal, our priority is to offer you a quality of care impeccable at the right price . So do not hesitate to meet our dentists who, in collaboration with our treatment coordinator, will offer you several solutions adapted to your situation, all accompanied by a submission. You will be able to make an informed choice that respects your physical and personal limits.

A complementary solution may be to consider a financing plan. Please do not hesitate to contact our treatment coordinator. Louise’s address and / or refer to our “Financing” page.

Also remember to consider that dental fees are eligible for tax credits. Therefore, their price is less.

Dental prostheses to match your expectations.

The realization of a treatment plan including dental prosthesis is a team effort. The dental technician or the denturologist will make your prostheses using the patterns of your teeth as a model. Your dentist will prepare your mouth to receive your new prosthesis and coordinate all care.

At Carrefour Dentaire de Montreal, we have chosen these professionals for their excellent level of competence as well as for the quality and aesthetics of the materials they use. They all keep their knowledge up to date so that you can benefit from the best care and the latest scientific and technological advances

The advantage of our clinic is to have an on-site denturologist mainly engaged in the manufacture of removable dentures. It will work in symbiosis with you and your dentist to offer you a natural smile, adapted to your physiognomy (age, facial shape, complexion …).

You will also be able to benefit from the services of our dentist with a master’s degree in prosthodontics who will be able to present you different possible treatment options and which will coordinate your care with the different specialists.

A variety of dental prostheses to suit us best to your needs.

Following an examination, your dentist will draw up several treatment plans. These various options will all aim to restore your oral health, to improve your well-being and the aesthetics of your smile. Each will consider the use of different dentures to repair or replace your teeth. Your dentist will show you the different options available to you so that you can make the choice that suits you.

If you want to know more about this approach, you can consult our “Prosthodontics” page.

Here are the different types of dental prostheses that can be suggested to you:

Fixed prostheses

Fixed prostheses are prostheses that you can not remove, which only the dentist can extract. There are 3 types:

  • The dental crown replaces a single tooth. Your dentist lays a substitution crown (visible part of the tooth above the gum) by relying on the existing root. If your tooth is not repairable, it replaces the root with an implant and will attach a crown to the implant
  • The bridge replaces one or more missing teeth. This type of denture rests on the adjacent teeth and consists of at least three elements to replace a single tooth: the two pillars (or adjacent teeth) and the bridge. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the two pillars by two dental implants. This is called “bridge over implants”. The bridge then attaches to the pillars or implants and supports the replacement teeth or teeth.
  • The dental veneer is a thin film of ceramic or resin that covers the visible part of the tooth. This type of dental prosthesis aims to improve the aesthetics of the teeth, usually incisors and canines, by correcting their shape, alignment and / or color.
  • The complete fixed prosthesis screwed on implant replaces all the teeth of a jaw. Your dentist first places implants (usually 4) on which he will screw a complete prosthesis in resin.

Removable prostheses

This type of dental prosthesis can be removed from your mouth to be cleaned.

  • The removable partial denture replaces several missing teeth. This prosthesis is fixed on your natural teeth thanks to hooks Its structure in stainless steel is very solid.
  • The complete removable prosthesis clipped on implants replaces all the teeth of a jaw. Your dentist first installs the implants (usually 4) on which he will screw press buttons or a Dolder bar. He will then clip the dental prosthesis onto the snaps or the Dolder bar.
  • The complete removable prosthesis or denture also replaces all the teeth of the jaw. This dental prosthesis rests on the gum and bone and is retained by a suction effect.

Why is it important to replace a missing tooth with a dental prosthesis?

Your teeth stay in their place thanks to their neighbors. If a tooth is missing, All of your teeth will be unbalanced. During tooth loss, the remaining teeth want to fill the empty space. They move gradually. This results in the creation of small spaces between the teeth that promote the proliferation of bacteria. These microorganisms cause the appearance of cavities and the loss of the bone that supports the tooth. Ultimately, the risk of losing other teeth is high

These dental migrations have aesthetic damage. They alter your smile and lead to premature aging of your face. The consequences of a less effective chew are not to be neglected. In addition, over time some foods may no longer be consumed, which will affect your overall health.

Regular dental hygiene even for your dentures

Your teeth, gums and dental prosthesis are permanently covered with a thin layer of saliva, food residue and bacteria called dental plaque. Over time this dental plaque turns into tartar. If these two elements are not removed, they can cause bacterial diseases of the teeth and gums and cause problems with your prosthesis. For example, if the abutment teeth of your bridge are affected by cavities, this may compromise the prosthesis in the mouth. In case of inflammation of the gum, your prosthesis can become unstable and eventually fall.

This is why a specific daily cleaning (brushing of the natural teeth and your prosthesis, passage of inter-dental brushes, etc.), professional cleaning and visits 2-3 times a year to the dentist or hygienist are essential.


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