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Femme avec un beau sourire grâce à l'esthétique dentaire

Dental esthetic

Dental aesthetics serve your smile.

Beautiful and bright, a smile illuminates our face. It makes it warm and inviting from the first glance. But sometimes a coloration, an alignment or the absence of a tooth does not allow it. If you are in this case, our dental surgeons will be able to offer you solutions in aesthetic dentistry and make your smile reflect your personality. Because a day without a smile is a day lost, do not delay to contact us. Our treatment coordinator will be pleased to advise you and to refer you to one of our dentists who will accompany you in the Improvement of your dental aesthetics.

Dental surgeons who make dental aesthetics their passion.

Today the world of dentistry offers many techniques to improve the aesthetics of the smile. In our dental clinic, our dental generalist will be able to use them without any problem to serve your smile.

Follow-up of a protocol for successful dental cosmetic care.

Because at Carrefour Dentaire de Montreal we ensure the success of our care, we advocate a dental cleaning followed by a dental cleaning. During this examination, the dentist will evaluate the health of your teeth and gums and will advise you if necessary, before starting an aesthetic treatment. During this meeting you can describe your expectations and concerns. Our dental generalist will take them into account to provide you with an adapted treatment plan.

Because dental aesthetics brings good image and self-confidence, we don’t renounce it!

For many patients, having a bright smile is a luxury. Yet, we know that the repercussions of a beautiful smile are very positive. It allows you to regain self-confidence, to flourish and it is felt in your private and professional life. All these reasons mean that at Carrefour Dentaire de Montreal we want to offer the smile of their dream to patients who desire it. To do this, we work with two banking organizations that will allow you to spread your payments and finance your treatments over time. We also remind you that you can report the cost of your dental cosmetic treatments in your tax return. A portion will be deductible.

What dental cosmetic care for what problems?

Teeth whitening

If your teeth are colored or stained, bleaching can be a solution. In our dental clinic we offer different whitening treatments in order to adapt ourselves to your needs and constraints. Our whitening products are of high quality. Contact us if you want to know more about our dental whitening.

Dental prostheses

Dental prostheses are used to replace or restore one or more teeth. From an aesthetic point of view, they often prevent the smile from deteriorating and  from causing premature aging of the face. For this type of treatment, you will be taken care of by our prosthodontic service which will coordinate your appointments if necessary between the specialists of our dental center. Your follow-up will be totally personalized.

Dental facets

Dental veneers, or facets, help to correct the shape, color or alignment of teeth. These are thin ceramic or resin films that cover the visible part of the teeth of the smile, that is, incisors and canines and sometimes the premolars.

Dental Implants

Comfortable, durable and natural in appearance, the dental implant replaces the missing root of the tooth and maintains the artificial tooth replacement. At the Carrefour Dentaire de Montréal, an experienced team of generalist dental surgeons and specialists install implants under advanced conditions of hygiene and safety. To improve your comfort and to approach your surgeries with serenity, the installation of implants can be realized under conscious sedation or general anesthesia.

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