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dental prostheses



A dental prosthesis is an artificial tooth or set of teeth that replaces a missing or damaged tooth to create a healthy, radiant smile! You may need a prosthesis because of an untreated cavity, a broken tooth, or periodontal disease that damages the surrounding tissue.


Fixed dental prostheses

A fixed dental prosthesis is the most common solution, since it uses the existing teeth for support and reinforces the visible part of the tooth. You can choose between different types of fixed prostheses based on your situation, such as crowns, a traditional bridge, a butterfly bridge, a root pin, a facet, or an inlay. Book a consultation with one of our dentists to learn more about which fixed prosthesis is right for you.

A crown attaches to the root of the damaged tooth, covering and restoring it in the process. The three main types of crowns are ceramic-metallic, full ceramic, and composite resin. Each one has its own characteristics and caters to different needs. You can learn more about crowns here.

A traditional bridge is used when there are natural teeth on either side of a missing tooth. In this case, a crown is affixed to both sets of healthy teeth and fills the gap with the prosthetic tooth.

A butterfly bridge is a dental prosthesis that includes one or more artificial teeth with two wings on either side. This option is better for preserving the supporting teeth, but it is not as durable as a crown or traditional bridge.

A root pin is used when a tooth undergoes a root canal treatment. The dentist will place a pin in the root canal cavity in order to support the crown.

A dental facet is typically used for front teeth that are in need of aesthetic care, such as yellowed or cracked teeth. The facet is glued into the teeth and covers the surface that is visible when you’re smiling.

An inlay is used to replace an amalgam or composite. Since it is a custom ceramic block tailored to your unique anatomy, it integrates perfectly into the natural shape of your tooth.


Removable dental prostheses

There are two types of removable dental prostheses: complete and partial. A complete removable prosthesis – or denture – is an appliance that replaces all of your teeth. Dentures can be made of resin or acrylic, and over time, they have become increasingly similar to natural teeth. A partial removable prosthesis is an appliance that replaces one or more missing teeth for aesthetic, phonetic, or chewing purposes. These devices are made of plastic with a metal structure that holds them in place inside the mouth. Contact our dental office to learn more.


Dental implants

As the newest solution on the market, implant-supported prostheses replace missing teeth by placing titanium implants directly into the jawbone. With implants, you can either enjoy the comfort of a durable removable denture, or if you choose a fixed prosthesis, you will look and feel like you have perfectly natural teeth. To learn more about dental implants, check out our blog post.