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Montreal Dentist: Avoiding Periodontitis

Most people listen to their Montreal dentist. They brush and floss daily, and follow up with regular dental clinic visits.
Following these dental best practices ensures healthy dental hygiene. But what happens when you don’t follow these guidelines? Gum disease, for starters, which can then develop into periodontitis if left untreated. One of the most serious forms of gum diseases, periodontitis is becoming more and more prevalent, especially with people’s busy schedules.

If you don’t practice dental health, you’re putting your mouth and teeth in jeopardy. This is because once bacteria turns to plaque in your mouth, it can then turn to tartar, and this is where the problem lies. Once tartar hardens, it can be difficult for your Montreal dentist to remove (it can happen in as little as 26 hours). While there are many stages of gum disease, periodontitis is the most serious form. Unfortunately, more and more Montreal dentists are seeing this in patients that have neglected the dental clinic for too long (some people wait more than two years between visits). The disease occurs when the pockets between the gum and teeth become infected, which can then lead to tooth loss and decay, never mind the potential of heart disease. Once the tartar has formed, only a professional dentist can remove it, and the process is long and painful, and must be repeated a minimum of every six months.

So what can you do to stop this from happening?
Regardless of your schedule, you have to make time to practice proper dental hygiene. While its essential to brush and floss regularly, try to avoid smoking, drinking too much coffee and wine, or eating too many sugary or starchy foods, and be sure to schedule regular check ups. If you haven’t seen a dentist in quite some time, then check in and get your dental hygiene on track.